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What is sold here?

If you are into Czech metal music, then you came to the right place. MetalGate e-shop came about as a platform for distribution of CDs of primarily Czech metal bands that are not that easy to come by. In accordance with the mission of MetalGate as such, our e-shop aspires to promote Czech metal at home, and hopefully in the future also abroad.

It is our intent to expand the catalogue outside CDs only to offer you as much from the Czech metal production and all things related as we can. Our long-term goal is to provide you, hard and heavy fans, a complex offer of CDs, DVDs, band merchandise and other related products that originated in Czech metal waters. We believe that you will find here something to your liking.

Who can shop here?

Everyone, be it a guest or a registered user.

What is MetalGate Records?

Since 2010, MetalGate e-shop also distributes titles released by our metal label.

The list of bands currently signed under MetalGate Records is available here.

Albums that we had the pleasure to release are listed with the band in question. Official press releases pertaining to individual titles are available here.

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How to make a purchase in this e-shop is covered in detail in the “How to shop” section. The legal framework (that is, the relation between us as the seller and you as the buyer) is covered in the “Terms of trade” section.


Prices in this e-shop do not include VAT, because the operator is a non-profit entity and therefore not a VAT payer.

Postage fees

Postage fees are always listed with the individual delivery options when making a purchase.

Reclamations and grievances

Please address your reclamations and grievances to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For questions, suggestions and other messages, use the MetalGate Facebook page.

We hope that our services will be to your satisfaction and that you will keep revisiting MetalGate e-shop.