25 let znetvořené mrtvoly (jewel)

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SKU: disfigured-corpse-compi-01-jewel

Playing time: 31:31

Style: death metal-grindcore

Label: Pařát

Released: 2016


  • I Feel Dislike (Contrastic cover)
  • Kladivo na čarodějnice (Törr cover)
  • Straight To Hell (Plastic Grave cover)
  • Orthodox (Krabathor cover)
  • Protest (Debustrol cover)
  • Regressive Metamorphoses In The Parenchyma (Malignant Tumor cover)
  • Děda (Burinky II cover)
  • Breakthrough Situation (Testimony cover)
  • Nice to Eat You (Fleshless cover)
  • Hřbitov (Root cover)
  • Dům na demolici (H.N.F. cover)