Instructions for getting acquainted with the e-shop contents and for making a purchase.


When arriving to our e-shop, please make sure there is a notification “the cart is empty” next to the shopping cart icon!

Before you submit your order, read carefully the Terms of trade (item in the FOR CUSTOMERS menu).

Browsing the content and finding the goods

  • The main menu item BANDS opens an alphabetical list of all bands and labels included in the e-shop. For easier orientation it is possible to filter the bands according to the first letter of their name by using the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Other items of main menu will lead you directly to individual catalogues of products.
  • To learn more about a product, click on product picture.
  • Upon doing so, a product page will open, containing all the relevant info. In case of an album, that would be for instance price, name of the publisher, tracklist and so on.

Quick navigation:

  • To locate a specific band, album, track or merchandise item, use the “Search…” function located below the main menu. Type the keyword into the field and click OK. Search results will be displayed in the middle column.

 Adding to cart

  • Goods can be added to cart from the product detail page.
  • Select the number of pieces you wish to purchase (default setting is 1 piece) and then click Add to cart button.
  • This action will add the selected product in the specified number of pieces into the cart and then display two options – “Continue shopping” and “Display cart”
  • “Continue shopping” button will direct you back to the e-shop.
  • “Display cart” button will display the contents of your cart in the middle column of the website.

Making a purchase (recommended procedure)

  • Below the list of the Cart contents, you will get two options – shop as guest (on the left) or log in and shop as a registered user (on the right)
  • When choosing “Shop as guest” it is necessary to first input your email address.
  • When choosing “Shop as a registered user” it is necessary to log in first using your username and password.
  • Then, the text fields required for completing a purchase shall appear below the cart list.
  • All the fields (invoicing address, shipping address, delivery method selection, payment method selection) are on the same page, so you are at all times aware of where you are in the process and what needs to be filled out.
  • After filling-in the fields, click “Confirm purchase”.
  • By doing so, the purchase overview is sent to the email address you provided, the notification of which will appear in the page header.
  • After the notification, a brief recapitulation of your purchase is displayed.
  • Afterwards, we shall send to the email address provided a confirmation that your order was received, as well as other notifications regarding your order dispatch.

Editing your shopping cart

Cart functions

The Cart page is accessible:

  • By clicking the “Add to cart” button on the product page
  • By clicking the Cart icon on the website header

On the Cart page it is possible to:

  • Check and edit the goods item by item
  • Select the shipping and payment methods
  • Input invoicing or shipping address

Product item

In the Cart, the products are displayed as items that list the product name, product code and price, as well as display functions for editing the number of pieces and for removing the product from the Cart.

  • If, when adding a product to the Cart, you specified a different number of pieces than you originally had in mind, you can correct that by re-writing the number in the grey field and then by clicking the arrows icons next to the field.
  • If you added into the Cart a product you do not want, you can remove it by clicking the red trash bin icon.

Invoicing and shipping address

Below the Cart items are text fields for the invoicing and the shipping address. The fields for the invoicing address are displayed in full. The fields for the shipping address will appear by clicking the appropriate button, which you do only in case the shipping address is different from the invoicing one.

Payment and shipping

Below the address fields are buttons for the selection of the payment and the shipping methods. After selecting the shipping method, the prices in the Cart will automatically be revised to include the shipping fees.

In case of any issues with the e-shop controls, please contact us. Thank you.